Take a moment and ask yourself, “What am I looking for in a Voice Actor?”

Typical responses: professional and polished audio, directable and easy to work with, detail oriented, timely, able to edit audio and/or video professionally, and of course – affordable.

If you are looking for any – or all of these – you’ve come to the right place. I specialize in audio and video production. I’ve spent years honing my skills as a voice talent, audio producer, and a video editor. Finally, I am affordable (Request a quote and find out!!).

My flagship project is the YouTube channel MrSpherical, where I provide dozens of unique voices, create rich sound design, and hand-pick music tracks that enhance the listener experience.

While my studio is small, I have packed it with industry standard microphones and other technology that you would expect from any studio providing these types of services. My vocal booth is quiet, and I produce professional quality audio daily.

I’m not a hobbyist, I’m a professional. Voice acting and audio design are how I earn my living. If you want someone that will exceed your expectations, then please contact me. I would be happy to provide a quote on request.

Free Samples!

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MrSpherical is a Countryball YouTube channel that deals with geopolitical concepts using satire. MrSpherical posts a mix format of shorts and long-form content. The audience continues to grow at a rapid pace, and the content provided is top-tier.

The channel has worked with other content creators to bring together a multi-verse of countryball comedy, currently dubbed – THE COUNTRYVERSE.

In addition to providing satircal comedy about geopolitics, MrSpherical uses their influence to aide humanitarian efforts such as #Teamseas and support for Ukraine.

MrSpherical is now translated into two languages with dedicated Russian and Spanish channels.

Bleeding The Divine


Zavier keeps his past buried under his home, where he hopes it will stay forgotten by all. Andora is a young priestess in training who couldn’t kill her friend for blaspheming, and is being hunted for her lack of action.

The two will collide in an apocalyptic coincidence that threatens to usurp the entire continent of Domhan, and the theocracy that has been constructed by their god, Halion, and his two children. They will meet, they will be bound together, and they will be pursued.

As they flee for their lives, they will discover a deeper connection from their past. While they fight, Andora will learn to kill, and Zavier will learn to save.

As they collect companions and information, they will uncover an ancient feud that challenges fate, threatens humanity, and begs one question. How do you bleed the divine?

Gardening For The Complete Beginner


These times that we are in, so many of the things we know are now shifting to the “new normal”. It was proven that for a person to adapt to new habits, it takes 90 days of practice on average. We have been in this “new normal” for more than a year. With interests, ways of life, and practices shifting, what better timing to learn a new, productive hobby? 

Gardening is one of the absolute best ways to make these new times more enjoyable, because what better feeling can there be than to take care of and tend to something whose yields benefit us directly? Not only does gardening benefit us directly, it also has a plethora of other benefits physically, emotionally, and financially, and to top all that off, this practice can help address a lot of major environmental issues, which may not seem significant at all because of our impact in the grand scheme of things, but it always starts somewhere, and where it starts is always on the small scale.

The Isofarian Guard

Tabletop Game Companion

Welcome to Isofar, a wild land severe in its beauty. The Isofarian people take great pride in their ability to flourish among the hostile wildlife and cruel elements of their mountainous home.


New forces are at work that will challenge the very underpinnings of reality. You will guide eight different Isofarian Guards throughout 4 interweaving campaigns as they deal with a power that threatens not only Isofar, but the entire world.

” The Isofarian Guard is a Solo/Co-Op narrative driven adventure board game for 1-2 players.”




It’s winter break 1994 and schools out at Harthorn High School, but not all is silent in its empty classrooms and dark hallways…

In a sudden change: Harthorn has upgraded its security, including new locks, alarmed windows, and you patrolling it’s halls as the new part-time security guard. One night aided by your radio dispatcher, April, you investigate a broken window not into the school, but out of it, which leads to a story-driven dive into psychological horror.

  • Explore the vast Harthorn, every room can be entered in a true-to-life high school.
  • Talking to April, solving puzzles, reading notes, and checking your map are keys to survival.
  • You’re not alone: carelessness is repaid with lethal consequences.


Radio Drama

Starring David Wigram, Soha T. Saiyed, Joseph Trefney, Jason Rockwell, Charlie Smith McMahon, Andrew Rafferty and Lacey Shaw

James Bond is gravely injured. Unarmed and wounded Bond takes refuge in a derelict one room apartment in Istanbul. On his trail, a group led by the world’s must cutthroat assassin, Enrico Scolari, a murderer schooled in the art of flaying his victims alive. They have one job: Kill Bond!

As Bond hovers on the brink of consciousness and life, Bond must not only save his own life, but that of an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire. As the clock ticks and the dragnet closes, can Bond overcome the odds?